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About us
The Royal Association MKB-Nederland is the largest entrepreneurs’ organisation in the Netherlands. Some 120 branch organisations and 250 regional and local entrepreneurs’ fellowships are affiliated to this umbrella organisation. All in all, MKB-Nederland promotes the interests of some 150.000 entrepreneurs.

Our members comprise entrepreneurs in such areas as the construction, industry, retail, chain-store trade, recreation, and tourism, business services and health care and medical services. Besides these sectoral branches, MKB-Nederland represents and lobbies for regional and local partners.

Representing the interests of Dutch SMEs
Small and medium-sized companies obviously have a strong vested interest in a healthy enterprise climate and, consequently, in incentive-based government policies. Combining the strength of private enterprises is a decisive factor in promoting such a climate. And that’s precisely what the Royal Association MKB-Nederland does best… it unifies strength to enhance representative credibility.

Making existing legislation and enactments more enterprise-friendly and, above all, initiating new policies geared to changing socio-economic conditions are among the tasks MKB-Nederland has set itself. The focus of these activities is in the Dutch centre of politics, The Hague. The method consists of intensive contact with Ministers, Secretaries of State, Members of Parliament and Civil Servants.

Increasingly, such contacts are extending to the various Dutch Provinces, towns and villages as well as to Brussels and Strasbourg. Both its sheer size and its effective working methods have made MKB-Nederland the ideal partner for all Dutch entrepreneurs’ and branch organisations.

Entrepreneurs in the driving seat
Despite the scale of MKB-Nederland’s operations, its activities continue to be based on the interests and needs of the individual entrepreneur. This has been made possible by the chosen organisational ‘umbrella’ structure protecting the participating organisations. The roots of MKB-Nederland are to be found in towns and villages and in branches. From an administrative point of view, MKB-Nederland’s operational base is in The Hague. With both feet on the ground and in daily contact with all facets of entrepreneurship.

What do we stand for?

  • Lower and simpler taxes 
  • Combatting bureaucracy 
  • Fair distribution of rights and duties 
  • A flexible labour market 
  • Safe and liveable company environment 
  • The creation of more growth opportunities


Our head office in The Hague:
Bezuidenhoutseweg 12
2594 AV The Hague
Telephone: +31 (0)70 - 349 09 09

Our office in Brussels:
Archimedesstraat 5, bus 4
B-1000 Brussels
Permanent Representatives:
Winand Quaedvlieg / Mario van Mierlo 
Telephone: 0032 - 2510 08 80